A customizable and compatible software that facilitates the most important functions at a hotel including reservation management and administrative tasks.

Property Management Software

Our hotel Property Management Software (PMS) has been in use since the last decade and has undergone several upgrades based on customer’s feedback. It is one of the most state-of-the-art PMS providing robust delivery at hotels of all types and sizes across South-West Asia.

Front Office Module

Key Features

  • Quick Check-in
  • Group Check-in
  • Split Bill
  • Check-out
  • Night Audit
  • Link/Unlink Room
  • Change Room

Evaluate Performance

  • Daily Check-in Reports
  • Daily Departure Reports
  • Room Shift Reports
  • Settlement Summary Reports
  • Occupancy Statistics Reports
  • Guest Ledger Reports
  • & many more Reports

Point of Sale Module

Key Features

  • Supports Multiple Outlets
  • Menu Management
  • Manage Kitchen Order Tickets
  • Outlet Billing

Evaluate Performance

  • Consolidated Item Wise Reports
  • POS Day Wise Reports
  • POS User Wise Reports
  • POS Outlet Wise Reports
  • POS Discount Wise Reports
  • KOT vs Bill Reports
  • & many more Reports

Store Module

Key Features

  • Requisition Note
  • Requisition For Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase
  • Store Receipt Note
  • Store Issue Note
  • Manage Stocks
  • Price Approval

Evaluate Performance

  • Stock Balance Reports
  • Stock Ledger Reports
  • Requisition Note Reports
  • Purchase Order Reports
  • Purchase Register Reports
  • Store Receipt Note Reports

Value Propositions

Total Downloads
Flexibility of Using at Multiple Locations
Positive Reviews
Easy to Setup and Manage
Happy Users
Cloud Based Solution
Years of Operation
Manage Rate Letters on the Go

Experience the Seamless

RoomStatusHub offers the most innovative, customizable and affordable services in the market and delivers the best all-around value.