Central Reservation Software

Our vision is to become the best technology provider for hotel businesses online. We want to create an innovative world in the digital space for our customers that will help them grow exponentially. Our team has over 20 years of experience in hotel technology development and integration with several deployments across South-West Asia. We are a powerful platform which provides integrated hotel management system, playing major role in following areas:

Key Features

Analytical Dashboard

Review All Business Insights and Take Informed Decisions

Series Reservations

A Dedicated Console, that Specially Caters to Your Series Bookings

Multi-user Security

Enable Data Security by Creating Levels and Granting Access to Users of Your Choice

Analytical Reports

You are just a Click Away from a Vast Number of Customized Reports


Stay Updated with Our Automated Reminders that Notify You about Events in Time.

OTA Integration

Be it any PMS, Booking Engine or Channel Manager, our CRS is Designed to Integrate with them all

Value Propositions

Fully Customizable Software Solution
Review Business Insights on the Go
Seamlessly Drive Online/Offline Bookings
Get Daily Automated Reports

Evaluate Performance

We are proud of our Analytical Reports tailor fitted as per your needs, they give a crystal clear picture of hotel business and sales figures. Visualized in the form of charts and graphs, these reports can be filtered according to different time frames.

  • Expected Arrivals Report
  • Booking Report
  • Report Hotelwise Contract Report
  • Business On Books Report
  • Pace Report
  • MTD/YTD Reports
  • Agent's Executivewise Productivity Report
  • Hotelwise Productivity Report & many more

Experience the Seamless

RoomStatusHUB offers the most innovative, customizable and affordable services in the market and delivers the best all-around value.