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Sales Team Management Software

A system designed for managing hotel sales teams at multi-location providing exceptional reports for effective utilization of the most expensive resources in a hotel environment.

The system is capable of managing sales calls reports, rate contracts, lead follow-ups, managing customer’s quotes and feedback from corporate and travel organizations.

Key Features

Interactive Dashboard

Your One-stop Solution for Realtime Updates Represented with Charts and Graphs.

Record Daily Activity

From Scheduling Meetings to Sending Proposals, Record Activities for Present and Future.


Take Informed Business Decisions by Allocating Team-wise and Hotel-wise Budgets.

Manage Rate Contracts

Readily Available Rate Letters for You to Edit and Send to Prospects.

Track Leads

Between Conversation and Conversion, Track the State of Your Sales Leads

Teamwise Data Access Control

Collaborate and Contribute towards Achieving Assigned Budgets.

Value Propositions

Flexibility of Using at Multiple Locations
Easy to Setup and Manage
Cloud Based Solution
Manage Rate Letters on the Go

Evaluate Performance

Analyze business insights at a glance with our easy to understand performance and sales reports.

  • Daily Sales Report
  • Rate Comparison Report
  • Yearly/Monthly Portfolio
  • Company Yearly Budget/Achieved
  • Hotel-wise Budget/Achieved
  • Performance Analysis Report
  • And many more..

Experience the Seamless

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